Tips biodynamic gardening

Biodynamic gardening is a method of a garden being self-reliant upon itself. It's main dependent as any organic garden is a good organic soil structure full of living organisms. Biodynamic gardening is a way of living along with nature and relating to it. Soil structure is one key factor in biodynamic gardening. The soil needs to be of a good soil structure with enough organic matter to support the life of earthworms and other organisms that will work and benefit the soil. Composting and manures both green and animal are a essential part of creating a good healthy soil structure.

Self sufficient with energy is another part of this method of gardening.There is no use of power equipment. Working the land is done by the means of animals and ones own labor. It is a more labor intensive way of gardening. Crop rotation is necessary in this method of gardening. It will preserve and replenish the fertility of the soil. The soil from crops being planted like cabbage, cauliflower and corn that exhaust the nutrients from the soil need to be rotated with legume crops like peas, beans and clover to replenish the nutrients back into the soil.

The rotation of crops does more than just replenishing nutrients. The planting and rotating of crops that have deep root systems should be rotated with crops with shallow root systems to allow the soil to be worked naturally at different depths to improve the aeration and drainage of the soil along with it's structure. Organic fertilizers are also important to biodynamic gardening. They can be in the form of liquid or organic matter applied to the soil or as foliage sprays. Compost and compost tea are two forms of organic fertilizers. There are no chemicals used in biodynamic gardening. Insect control is done by natural means by keeping a good environment for beneficial insects and predators. The planting of flowers to attract bees, placement of rocks to shelter frogs and a water supply to attract birds are just a few things to do to create a attractive environment that will benefit your garden.

Biodynamic gardening is a type of gardening when arranged properly will allow plants to help each other grow. The planting of plants that will help shade the soil for cooler weather crops along with controlling weeds and plants that will supply nutrients back in the soil for the needs of other plants. Biodynamic gardening is a practice of being self-sufficient with animals, companion planting, organic fertilizers, natural means of insect and disease

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